I am an author, speaker, and inventor of children’s counseling board games. I have been a college instructor, English teacher, and counselor before I retired. I have a Master’s of Science in Human Development, Counseling and Family Studies. I am fascinated with the working of the mind. 

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Learn to Flex Your Mental Muscles

Have you ever traveled down the road of life and found yourself at a crossroads but didn’t know which way to turn? Have you ever felt the trip you were on wasn’t driving you to the right destination? Have all the twists and turns experienced during your life’s journey left you wondering, “What path did I miss? Surely, there’s a more desirable one than the present path I’m on.”

That was how I felt and was the impetus to begin the journey of personal discovery and transformation. As you read this book, your mind will begin to map out a new course and put you on the fearless road you were meant to be on. You will learn the power of goal achieving by using your conscious and subconscious mind. Writing this book comes out of wanting to inspire and motivate you to take the road less traveled—a road to a more worthwhile purposeful journey.

The Power of Goal Setting

Most behavior is goal directed. The process of how to reach goals is a skill that children can use throughout their lives. This book evolved out of my persistence in finding a way for helping children help themselves. A child's personal engagement and investment in the whole process creates higher motivation, inspiration, and energy to achieve a goal. What better way for children to become more responsible and build character for successful management of behavior, aspire to reach greater scholastic achievement, or help draw out personal passion and interests than learning the process of goal setting?

I wrote this book because I believe in the power of goal setting and planning to achieve any goal you desire. Why not teach this to children at an early age? If you think about it, teaching children these skills and having them be part of the whole process will give energy, inspiration, and motivation to achieve a goal. Teaching children to THINK for themselves and not just have knowledge given to them is where the real learning begins along with showing them their real power is inside and not from outside influences.


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