Rise Up After Divorce - Recover, Reconnect Reinvent

Learn how to create an amazing, purposeful life from applying this step-by-step process so that you feel empowered to embrace a new beginning.

Road Through Recovery - Course

This course encompasses the first two steps of my five-step process—Road Through Recovery and Ramping Up. Here you’ll learn about the divorce recovery cycle comprised of five phases. You will be able to distinguish feelings and emotions each represents. You’ll also see some case studies showcasing each of the phases so that you are clear and confident about each of them.

  • Discover what phase you may be “stuck and/or recognize where you are “in pain”.
  • Learn how to pinpoint exactly where within the phase you need to begin the work.
  • Recognize the power of creating a comprehensive goal plan taking appropriate action.
  • Learn how to develop a S.M.A.R.T. goal statement and action steps to move on out of the past so that you can begin to focus on creating your new, purposeful life.

Reconnecting With Self - Course

This course encompasses the third step of my results-driven process. Once you have moved past what is keeping you “Stuck” or “In Pain” (Road Through Recovery), it’s time to get reacquainted with who you are now.

Some of your roles and identity have changed. Taking care of your well-being is essential to create more energy and power as you move forward. Creating a personal life timeline is very powerful in that you can objectively view your past without getting all involved within it.

  • Understand the importance of the four pillars of well-being as applied to your life.
  • Design your personal life timeline so that you have a bird’s eye view how your past was shaped.
  • Learn how looking briefly at the past can help you change your mindset and perspective so that you achieve different results for the future going forward.
  • You’ll discover patterns, themes, lessons, and opportunities from the past so that you make better choices and decisions for the future. (very powerful)

Reinventing Self - Course

This is the fourth step in my results-driven process. Who do you want to become for the future? Here you’ll get reacquainted with your strengths, values, and passions and find the most dominant ones that represent you.

Then, you’ll blend the three of them to find your “sweet spot”. Your “sweet spot” is learning what gives you joy and happiness in whatever path you take—whether starting a new career, improving upon the work you presently do, or giving back to the community.

  • Connect with personal strength and weaknesses, and how identifying gaps give you strength and power.
  • Awareness of personal values empower you to choose wisely when faced with making major decisions, stay accountable and on track, and guide through emotional upheavals with a strong, steady hand.
  • Guided by your heart, you’ll get in touch with what you are passionate about. Your authentic self will be inspired to create a purposeful plan of action moving forward.

Relaunching Self - Course

This is the last step in the process. Where do you want to go for the future? Here, you will learn to be the creator of your life going forward. You will learn about the eight different areas of life and your relationship among them. Through strategic statements for each area, you will pinpoint exactly what area is the weakest and will make the most positive impact on your life if you improve it. As a result, other areas will benefit and improve as well.

  • Determine which area of life if changed will create a powerful, positive shift for the future.
  • Discover what is wanted and needed to create your new life, and why you don’t have it.
  • Develop a step-by-step goal plan with action steps assuming responsibility for why you don’t have what. It will move you to where you want to be.