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Building A New Life Beyond Divorce

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Do you struggle with creating a new life after divorce?

Have you had any learning experiences that have been transformational in moving you forward? Or How many of those learning experiences have given you the right tools so that you feel empowered to embrace a new beginning?

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Donna McGoff,

Life Transition Coach

I coach women to move beyond divorce by taking them from an Ending to personal Exploration to creating an Empowered, transformative future.

What Does That Mean?

What Makes Me Unique?

In addition to being a Certified Life Coach, my background includes over 28 year’s experience in Human Development, Counseling and Family Studies. I have personally been divorced and have raised two children as a single parent. My heart and expertise focus on divorced women who are at a crossroads or feel “stuck” wanting to break through limiting beliefs and develop a clear vision and direction for a new, inspired future.

Who Do I Work With/Services I Provide?

I coach women who want to move beyond divorce by guiding them through a step by step process that will empower and inspire them to create a new life on their own terms. I also specialize in helping 50+ women who have been married for many years to move through emotional recovery to reconnect with the person they are now and redefine who they want to become giving them the tools necessary to build a new, amazing life for the future.

What Will Be Your Results?

You will embrace this next amazing chapter in your book of life possessing all the necessary tools to navigate the new road you will be traveling on. You will be empowered to make purposeful decisions and set goals that will un-cover your potential and get you where you deserve to be in life.

Create More Harmony and
Balance Wheel of Life

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The Power of

Goal Setting

Most behavior is goal directed. Learning to be in touch with inner feelings does create awareness and give children power to make better choices and decisions. This is the gift I want kids to open as they read this book. For ages 10-15

Other Innovative Products by Donna McGoff
The Power of

Pivoting In Life

Have you ever traveled down the road of life and found yourself at a crossroads but didn’t know which way to turn? As you read this book, your mind will begin to map out a new course and put you on the fearless road you were meant to be on. You will learn the power of goal achieving by using your conscious and subconscious mind. Writing this book comes out of wanting to inspire and motivate you to take the road less traveled—a road to a more worthwhile purposeful journey.

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