Ready To Rebuild A New Life After Divorce But You're "Stuck" or "In Pain"

and Don't Know Where To Begin?

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5 Step Process To Creating An Amazing Life After Divorce

We'll explore how to move past the Road Through Recovery so that you are empowered to create your new life on your own terms.
I'll share my 5 step results-driven process and answer your questions about each along the way.
Plus, you'll be able to download my tools to "pinpoint" exactly where you may be stuck or in pain so that you experience the first step.


Have you had any learning experiences that have been transformational in moving you forward? Or How many of those learning experiences have given you the right tools so that you feel empowered to embrace a new beginning?


As a Life Transition Coach, I help women who want to move beyond divorce by guiding them through a step by step process that will empower and inspire them to create a new life on their own terms. I also specialize in helping 40+ women who have been married for many years to move through emotional recovery to reconnect with the person they are now and redefine who they want to become giving them the tools necessary to build a new, amazing life for the future.

You will embrace this next amazing chapter in your book of life possessing all the necessary tools to navigate the new road you will be traveling on. You will be empowered to make purposeful decisions and set goals that will un-cover your potential and get you where you deserve to be in life.

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”


Five Step Results-Driven Process To Rebuild Your New Life After Divorce

You Continue To Feel “Stuck” or “In Pain”

You are still living in or reliving the past. You don’t know how to break out or push through this vicious cycle. It has become your normal way of life weighing you down.

You Continue To Feel Like A Victim And Don't Feel In Control

You feel unable to stop blaming, shaming, and feeding into the drama of the situation. You've developed a pattern of talking about the past over and over again.

You Feel Tired And Burned Out

You just don’t have the energy and time to tend to your personal well-being. You feel too stressed out to deal with the necessary lifestyle changes you now face.

You Have Lost Your Authentic Self

You feel like a stranger to yourself. You are disconnected from who you are now and who you want to become for the future. You don’t know what your life purpose is now and for your future.

This course will teach you how to step into your power and recover and heal from the inside out after a divorce. You will feel empowered to embrace a new beginning rebuilding your new life on your own terms.

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The Wheel of Life is an assessment tool used by as a starting point to get to know where your level of satisfaction is at the present moment. Once the exercise is completed, it will show a visual representation of the eight different areas of life and the harmony and balance that they have in relation to each other.

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Donna McGoff is a retired English teacher and school counselor K-12. She has authored several games published by Childswork Childsplay and the Creative Therapy Store that counselors and therapists can use to supplement their work with children.

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I see many divorced women like you on the other side of divorce that don't have a results-driven plan showing how to recover and heal so can begin moving forward.

DO YOU WANT to move out of the past that is taking away your potential for the future? By reading Recover and Heal From the Inside Out After Divorce E-Book, you will learn my five-step process and how you can apply it to rebuild your new life after divorce.

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This group is for divorced women who want to help and support each other to begin to move forward and create a new life.
I know there are many of you out there.
I look forward to seeing you inside the group!

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