September 28, 2019

Time Is Not The Healer Of All Wounds

Sally was waiting for a sign—for something to happen to either show her a direction or validate her feelings; and as a result, she was stuck. […]
September 23, 2019

Ask Yourself These Questions To Discover If In Rejection Phase After Divorce

The Road Through Recovery after divorce is the first of five steps in my results-driven process. It will help to pinpoint where you are in the […]
September 12, 2019


Making life transitions are nothing new to you. You have passed through them many times in your life; for example, think of a time when growing […]
August 26, 2019

Get Your Groove Back–Reconnecting With Self After Divorce

You are divorced. You feel ready to move on but struggle with knowing where to begin. Do you feel disconnected from who you are now and […]
August 12, 2019

Take Action. The Time Is Now.

The written goal is a powerful first step to begin moving past the pain point or becoming “unstuck” after divorce. When you write a goal down, […]
July 14, 2019

50+ After Divorce Fifth Step on Road Through Recovery

Last week, I wrote about the fourth phase on the Road Through Recovery after divorce. The first four are Rejection, Resentment, Renegotiation, and Remorse. You can […]
July 5, 2019

50+ After Divorce–Fourth Step on the Road Through Recovery

In previous blogs I wrote about the first three phases on the Road Through Recovery after divorce. The first phase is REJECTION and acts as a […]
June 30, 2019

50+ After Divorce–Third Step on the Road Through Recovery

The first phase I wrote about is REJECTION. When experiencing it in a healthy way, it can act as a defense mechanism from the inevitable pain. […]
June 23, 2019

Tips To Develop A Daily Empowerment Routine For Mind, Body and Spirit.

You may have just gone through the life-changing trauma of divorce or you may have been divorced for a while. Your life has ended as you […]
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